Continuous Downhole Data Acquisition Solutions

The ability to use downhole pressure and temperature data to pro-actively detect problems gives our customers the tools needed to maximize well potential and minimize operating costs. Our organization has decades of experience designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing effective solutions for obtaining and maximizing the potential benefit of downhole instrumentation in almost any completion environment. Primary solutions include:

  • Observation Wells (Single and Multiple Downhole Gauges)
  • Tubing and Casing Conveyed Systems or Suspended / Drop Spool
  • Artificial Lift Optimization
  • Extreme High Temperature Solutions

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Installation Services

USA and Canada Field Service Bases with International Training and Deployment Group.

Perm Services Inc. has both the capability and capacity to install and service both small and large downhole instrumentation projects.  Full service bases are strategically located in the US and Canada. Additionally, we provide technical support and technical training for various international service companies, artificial lift manufacturers and agents.

  • Perm Services installation performance dashboard is among the best in the industry.
  • Perm Services manufacturers specialized deployment units and installation equipment that makes our service safer, more reliable, and often quicker to deploy.
  • Perm Services has one of the largest inventories of spare parts in the world which includes Cable Protectors, Gauge Mandrels, and Specialized Wellhead Pressure Control Equipment.

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Downhole Instrumentation Hardware

The Power of Vertical Integration

GEO PSI is the manufacturing arm of the organization. At GEO, we don’t just make downhole instrumentation products; we make our products better. All products are manufactured to a high quality standard called “Reliablity – Job 1™”  Over the years, our engineers and product development team have developed many practical features that increase durability of a permanent downhole gauge system and improved the usefulness of the data. Products we manufacture include:

  • Downhole Pressure Instruments
  • Downhole Instrumentation Cable aka – “Tube Wire” or “TEC”
  • Thermocouple Systems and Bubble Tube
  • Cable Protectors
  • Surface Data Acquisition Units

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Downhole Digital Blog

Category: Technology

When you talk about digital components, like proximity switches, a "source" component supplies power on its terminals and responds to the change in the load, while a sink component does not supply power to its terminals and responds to changes in the voltage or current impressed upon it as measured …

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Category: Innovation

Personally, I am a fan of the Cannon cable protection system for protecting downhole instrumentation systems that we sell and install. In my mind, it’s hard to beat the strength of Cannon’s stamped fabrication process using forged metals, their unbelievable commitment product delivery, and their wi…

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Why call us for your next project?

  1. Experience. In less than 4 years, GEO PSI has successfully manufactured greater than 1,000 real time reservoir monitoring systems and Perm Services has installed more than 500.
  2. Know How. Perm Services has experience working with many types of completions from offshore production platforms, high capacity ESP and PC Pumps, SAGD, and Coal Bed Methane.
  3. Innovation. The engineers at GEO PSI have developed many technologies that have become widely accepted as industry practice over the past 20 years.
  4. Reputation. Reliability - Job 1™. Perm Services is dedicated to customer service and on-site success. We have one the highest rates of successful installation in the entire industry.
  5. Value. Our organization is one of the most vertically integrated companies in the industry, eliminating unnecessary middlemen and passing savings directly to our customers.
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A picture is worth a thousand words. Video introduction to Perm Services and GEO PSI.