cedric.pngGEO Pressure Systems Inc. (“GEO PSI”) and Perm Services Inc. (“Perm Services”) are two highly innovative vertically integrated companies that provide the oil and gas industry with a creative and innovative “Digital Energy Solution” for increased well production and reserve recovery.

Historically, wireline deployed memory tools and wellhead information were used to obtain a snapshot of data to the engineer, expending much time and energy for one historical piece of data. In recent years, many wells were completed using some technology to transfer real time data—these wells being referred to as smart wells, intelligent wells or e-wells. The oil and gas companies now refer to these wells as having “Digital Energy Solutions”.

GEO PSI and Perm Services focus on continuously delivering real time downhole pressure and temperature data from the well site to the engineer’s desk, thereby providing a Digital Energy Solution for each well. GEO PSI’s management has the vision and passion to create innovative products. GEO PSI also develops and manufactures the products, thereby ensuring the quality and reliability of all products. Perm Service’s management is passionate about the installation, service and support of these products. GEO PSI and Perm Services are committed to providing Digital Energy Solutions—from the R&D drawing board through to servicing and supporting installed products. We provide these products and services while supporting the health and safety of our employers and clients, as well as respecting the environment.

The sensors used by this form of artificial intelligence allow for warning and fault alarms to be set. There is no need to worry about whether or not a well is working properly, nor is there a need to wait for results to be provided by the fi eld hand. The solution to each these issues—GEO PSI’s Digital Energy Solution, installed by Perm Services. As a result of better information, increased well production and reserve recovery, we believe every well will, in the near future, be completed with a Digital Energy Solution.

GEO PSI and Perm Services are at the cutting edge of Digital Energy Solutions. Our passion to design, manufacture, install, service and support Digital Energy Solutions permeates through our companies.

Our slogans: Reliability is Job 1™ & The Future is Real Time™!


Cedric Doerksen
President, GEO PSI & Perm Services